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The Decline and Fall

December 14th, 2011No comments

I was never a grand conjugater.  Diagramming sentences always left me cold.   My writing is considered legible and modestly articulate — most of the time.   I do like the language and I do like words.  Words are fun to play with.  However, you need to string them together.  As a reader, my normal source has been books.  The Internet has changed a lot of that to blogs.  At times it is almost embarrassing how many new ones my reader pulls up on a morn. Read more…

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And now, something completely different

August 13th, 20113 comments

Gotta love Monty Python making fun of the idiots that speak for society. Seeing too much either leads to a great comedy career or anguish and continuing disappointment.  Should any poker player think he’s of such caliber we’ve only to look as far as Full Tilt to see our shortcomings. Read more…

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Walking the Wild Side

July 30th, 20114 comments

The sign at the top here says, “Main Street Version”  and there is truth in that advertising.   I’m certainly not Robin Leech.  Wouldn’t want to be; now that I think of it.  So, having the inside skinny isn’t something you’ll find here with me sucking on a straw bantering with my fellow reporters. Read more…

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Hail fellow well met

July 18th, 201110 comments

I met Sparky (Lightning36) yesterday.  He was in town because he is pw’d still in love.  People who make fun of Midwesterners could put his picture on their poster.  About the only place he goofed is having .5 children above the norm. Read more…

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Rare Event

June 19th, 20112 comments

One of those items with the frequency of a Mount St Helen eruption took place this morning.   No, you didn’t miss the full eclipse.  There are no comets in the area to view.  But this is huge.   A poker blogger will be leaving Vegas with a profit.  Read more…

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Move over Helmuth

June 18th, 20111 comment
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June 3rd, 2011No comments

I far more easily recognize the old guard professional players.  I don’t think it is age as much as losing interest in watching a lot of televised poker.   My frame of reference at that is the earlier season of the WPT.   But I do at least recognize some of the new guns.   So, when I saw a link to Slate that has an article by one I stopped by for a read. Read more…

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

June 1st, 2011No comments

As thinking being we categorize. Sometimes it is with analysis.  Sometimes that analysis has solid data.  Sometimes we reach a conclusion based in limited information.  The mix of poker and life is often based on limited information.  At poker than can cost us a buy-in.  In the real world, it can devolve into prejudice.  Prejudice both works and fails.  Often in proportion to our human value. Read more…

PokerWorks Family Tournament

May 31st, 20101 comment

Well, I played last night in Linda’s little HORSE bonanza. It used to be a fun place. We’d chat a lot and even rag on each other in fun. The current version isn’t all that chatty. Read more…

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The Dutchess

March 22nd, 2010No comments

OK, she hates that.  But, she does let it all hang out.

Read more…

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