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Spell it for me

December 9th, 20122 comments

OK, I know it is P-O-K-E-R, wiseacre.  But, the Feds have taken it away and I kinda miss it.  So, today’s blog goes under the category vicarious. Thanks, Rob. Read more…

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April 10th, 20115 comments

My dearth of posts may be close to a record.  Visitors will recognize I’ve a mouth equaling or exceeding brains.  And, quality is certainly a transient beast.  So, posts can and typically do arrive with reckless abandon.  I have a somewhat red face for a variety of reasons, I’ll even give a go at an actual poker post.  Haven’t been playing a lot and that has been ring.  Let see what I can come up with. Read more…

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Becoming A Stud

November 8th, 20102 comments

I want to talk about the part the books don't cover. Stud, like other poker flavors, is deceptively simple. Those riverboat gamblers could teach it to a rich planter in a few minutes. At least as long as Mike Sexton isn't there to throw in, “…and a lifetime to master.” Read more…

Don’t do as I do…

June 16th, 20101 comment

Yes, mother. Well, I mentioned the silliness of willingly playing a lot of high only hands at Stud 8.  Well, once in a while, you happily break your own rules.  I'd just set down and got a high hand.  On third street, this may be a valid play.  This was such a hand. Read more…

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Stud and Lobby Reads

June 8th, 2010No comments

This is a short and rather basic look at opponents. I’m using it for stud. It is an ideal game to use this added read. Read more…

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Poker for the Birds

December 22nd, 2009No comments

There are poker videos galore on YouTube.  None more inventive than this one. Read more…

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Over the Pond

October 27th, 2009No comments

Well, this is a poker post…surprise…surprise.

Read more…

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Clunkers and Consequences

September 17th, 20091 comment

You know I'm of a conservative bent.  But, it is hardly a mainstream bend.  I'll try to demonstrate that now. Read more…

Post of the Day

September 12th, 2009No comments

Here is my selection: Read more…

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July 31st, 2009No comments

No, I'm not suggesting dropping coins in that bathroom vending machine.  This time it is about an article I read over at Bill Rini's joint.  The article says that there are just two bets available. He's simplifying things like those folks from Washington.  They are always going to make it easier for us.  Of course they end up with a stack of IRS stuff and the author over at Bill's really doesn't tell us much but keeps it shorter. Read more…

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