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DNA Test

November 12th, 20154 comments

Several years ago, I had my DNA tested at  It was about twice the price it is now.  Not of lot of info after spending, I think, $395.   It is $199 now and there is a lot more info.  Family stories talked of some Cherokee ancestry and that only showed up recently.  There’s quite a bit more info and more is promised. Read more…

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Bird in Hand

February 28th, 20142 comments

Well, I guess I made cycle one of the Full Tilt payout.   Huzzah!  Huzzah! Read more…

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Time and Perspective

August 28th, 20133 comments

I posted this in a forum.  I thought it might interest some of you.  It is also trying to water the guilt of not posting. Read more…

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Gambool Minor

April 22nd, 20122 comments

I have never been a gambler.  But, for a number of years I attended Comdex in Vegas.  And I would gamble a bit.  Las Vegas was a much different city then.  And, I was young and dumb enough to pretty well burn myself out in the 3 or 4 days I’d spend. Read more…

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