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September 20th, 20122 comments
1. to confuse, bewilder, or stupefy. make obscure or unclear: to obfuscate a problem with extraneous information.

That is a keystone need for poker play.  Tells help remove that.   All poker players have tells.  I think I found one in “The Lederer File” but can’t swear to it. Read more…

Up your Honor … bit by bit

July 12th, 20121 comment

I was going to title this blog “My Little Tin Box” but in playing the song that was in the lyrics and the play on words was  multilevel better than what I had.   The song is from an antiquated Broadway effort called Fiorello that was about a gentlemen who knew how stupid we could be.  This morning Haley over a KickAss modernized things and brought all the concepts of honest crooks back into current context. Read more…

Love – Hate

November 5th, 2011No comments

Happens in life.   Happens in blogs.  Sure as hell happens playing poker.  It life’s two outers impinging on our happiness.  Poker brings that on — even without help from Federal agents.  This is another bit of biased retrospection.  The years sneak by and we see the mish-mash of hope, change, and sameness.  Love-hate … curse-blessing. Read more…

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June 3rd, 2011No comments

I far more easily recognize the old guard professional players.  I don’t think it is age as much as losing interest in watching a lot of televised poker.   My frame of reference at that is the earlier season of the WPT.   But I do at least recognize some of the new guns.   So, when I saw a link to Slate that has an article by one I stopped by for a read. Read more…

God is in the Details

February 28th, 2011No comments

Haley is a bulldog you wouldn't want locked on your jewels. The lady is persistent and today's post in very interesting to me. But, it from the former programmer side. Read more...

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January 21st, 20113 comments

I've used this lead-in in the past. But noting that is only an indication that senility has been held off for another day or so. This time, instead of just referencing it, I'll give the condensed version. Read more...

Braggin’? Not so much.

December 11th, 20102 comments

Been a while since I talked about that little morning tournament that's become part of my life. Well, I didn't want a Type 2 Poker Blog. You know the one. It is populated with the donkeys who are oh so much more lucky than they've a right. Well, you can fill in the rest. Read more…

My 15 Minutes

October 25th, 20106 comments

It was a bit of a shock to open the reader this morning and see Bill Rini had singled out my blog. At this point, I'm pretty much a boutique blog with limited following. Poker is only a portion of what I cover and I can understand that those looking for a poker fix have to put up with a lot of other variety. So, the blog has a hard time claiming it is a poker blog. Read more…

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Figures don’t lie; but…

October 20th, 2010No comments

Bill Rini is one of my RSS feeds. He can make you think. But, he is a warped little sucker – poker blog wise. His approach is from the business side that sucks away our mobney. He's the one that recognize the part of poker most players ignore. Read more…

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