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Who da man?

June 26th, 2018 5 comments

Mr. Final Table is Master David Smith.  The last time that appellation was used 60+ years ago  on a birthday card from his maiden aunt.  I think she enclosed 2-bucks too. Little did she know it was headed for wax mustaches and Bubble gum cigars. It also applies to Dave in Poker and Bridge. Read more…

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What is Mojo?

June 11th, 2014 2 comments

Bloggers and friends can quickly give an answer.  Dave Smith has never hid behind the MemphisMojo name.  And, after the last few days,  that should be an added solace.  He’s been outed by name on a big stage.   Read more…

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January 8th, 2014 5 comments

I think that Aggressive as it relates to play is really misunderstood for tournament play.  It came to the fore again when I read a recent blog by my former boss and all-time friend Linda Geenen — don’t put an R in the last name and keep you skin intact. Read more…

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Pond Hopping

October 23rd, 2013 2 comments

Since the days of Monty Python, I’ve admired the fun and irreverence that goes on across the pond.  In bringing up a link,  I saw that Paddy’s Poker has a tournament in the offing.  Made me want to silly walk over to the Emerald Isles. Read more…

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May 14th, 2013 2 comments

Well, I played some poker with something between cash and play money.  I downloaded Bovada.  The last time I played there it was Bodog.   I last really used it to move a lot of money off of Daniel’s site.   I was able to transfer it there. Read more…

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Those were the days, my friend

October 26th, 2012 5 comments

We thought they’d never end.  Then the Feds slid the government’s condom over my poker.  I’ve watched the WSOP play out with mixed thoughts.   Reality set in watching this weeks battle to the final table. Read more…


October 6th, 2012 5 comments

Improbable is a participant in every tournament.  He rules the roost until his brother, Impossible, shows up and showing up is a given.  Here is my variation on a classic.  OK, I have too much time on my hands.

Read more…

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Gin Ricky Time

October 4th, 2012 No comments

What’s a cooler? Well a Gin Ricky should qualify.  But it not the same in a poker blog.

I just read a piece in Poker News about a cooler suffered by TonyG.  It is more deserving of a blogger rant than a true cooler.  At least that is my take.  It one of those great when it works and embarrassing when it doesn’t kind of hands we’ve all distributed and received. Read more…

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June 4th, 2012 7 comments

This post is about poker and it is plagiarism.  In my defense, I am plagiarizing me.  Mojo made one of those standard run bad posts. The hands he held were big pot hands.  On its best day, it is a dangerous position.  60:40 gives you an advantage.  It does not provide a guaranteed win.  No preflop hand offers that.  I even describe a prefop situation that is as good as it gets — probably 98:2.  Dave rightfully uses an overall read to justify his actions.  It is a valid justification.  The real question is how valuable is an early gamble?  Sometimes it is great.  I remember doing it with JJ and then going card dead and it still got me one of my better paydays.  We encounter exceptions to all the rules.  But what do we really love that makes us who we think we are?  Often it is an implied odds hand that was foldable in other situations.  The fact is that big hands promulgate variance along with success. Read more…

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May 18th, 2012 1 comment

Well, there is always the one with the short handled shovel.  But this isn’t quite that.  It is closer to the version that relates to Wide World of Sports intros.  The one where the guy goes tumbling of the ski jump.  The following Scoop is a bit like that on a loop.  You know what that means:  Tournament Poker.  Yeah, expect more coolers than the poor Jamoke on the skis who is wearing clothes only suitable for the slopes or a gay pride parade. Read more…

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