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A River Runs Through It

September 19th, 20122 comments

Well, the movie did honor trout fishing and I was a trout fisherman and fished Montana.  Subsequently, I fished online poker until the wise Federal Government saved me from a life of sin.  I didn’t know I was like the rebellious brother in the movie until a low life Senator from Arizona and a scum sucking Iowa Congressman chastised me.  Today’s river remarks though are about last nights poker extravaganza on ESPN. Read more…

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Day 5

September 12th, 20123 comments

I watched the WSOP last night.  Striking!  Left me wondering why any of us ever play poker.  Yes, it was edited to show the “drama” of poker; but really. Read more…

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One Drop’s Final Drip

July 4th, 20123 comments

Well, the latest incarnation of “The Big Game” drew to a close in magical fashion.  I am certainly not alone in drawing on the magical illusion.  Antonio “The Magician” Esfandiari played smart and didn’t encounter the dread cooler.  Smart can look like magic. Read more…

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July 3rd, 20122 comments

My last post included a few memories of the past.  If you visited “Old Vegas”, one of the photo ops was getting your picture taken by Binnion’s display of a million dollars.  That was a biggy.  Today, is the final table for that One Drop thingy.  Times change.

Read more…

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Beat em with a Distaff

June 13th, 20103 comments

Every Year! There are some arguments that never die. Well, it that time at the WSOP to whip out our distaff and beat up the women. It won’t make it onto Cops; better on the Comedy Channel. Read more…

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Nice Kid

June 12th, 2010No comments
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How to go to the WSOP

June 7th, 2010No comments

No, I don’t have a secret to share to turn you into Phil Helmuth. Come to think of it, why wouldn’t someone want to. This is all about the plane, boss, the plane. Read more…

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June 6th, 20102 comments

I don’t care for the term. It is denigrating and that is hardly a successful business practice. It was coined by some who consider themselves elitists. Some of those same people seem to be mailing it in this WSOP. I won’t name names but if forced to I can do a “Link Dump” instead of writing original content to expand on the topic. Read more…

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World’s Best?

May 29th, 2010No comments

Well, I took a look at PokerListings coverage of the WSOP. The site says it has the “world’s best poker deals” and that must be all in the fine print. I don’t think they are either getting folks discounted rooms at the Imperial Palace or offering rakeback. Read more…

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The Admiring Throng

September 24th, 20099 comments

Yes, that is singular.  And funny. Oh, throw in honest for a change.  It started with a comment. Luckily, I get all emailed to me.  I was taken to task for being dumb.  I'll cop to that too but I'm not so sure here.  Seeing that most will never see the comments from last July 12th blog, I figure I'll move us both here to prime time. Read more...

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