My Weather Station

May 11th, 2016

Composite Radar ¦ National Weather Map ¦ So. Lake Michigan Buoy ¦ Kankakee River at Kouts ¦ Rain/Hail/Snow  ¦  Space Weather

Both wind and rain amount are somewhat obstructed.  Temperature conforms to guidelines.

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Station History:

The OS unit wasn’t acceptable.  The new station is a LaCrosse WS-2810-2-IT.  My fingers are crossed.  So far it looks promising.  12/24/13:  Giving good service — batteries last well

Am in the process of upgrading the station.  The wind speed device died some time ago.  I will be running an Oregon Scientific system in the next week or so — 5/8/12  (That time frame was too optimistic!)

Replacing weather station with Oregon Scientific WMR 100-NA.  It is another cheap inexpensive weather station.  Hopefully, not a cheap as the unit it is replacing.  The LaCrosse was never reliable.  I even had it wired direct and it still was flaky.  Preliminary test on the OS unit blows it out of the water.

Weather Station: LaCrosse WD-2317-EL It is running WUHU software.



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