All present and accounted for, Sir

April 9th, 20171 comment

Well, at least I am alive — according to my doctor –who run test after test to verify that. Read more…

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Spam Callers

December 13th, 20163 comments

If you are like me, your number of spam phone calls has gone up.  I am in the national and state Do-Not-Call registries.  That worked for a while but the spammers have said screw that.  What to do? Read more…

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Bad News

December 9th, 2016No comments

It’s a term.  Hey man, that dude is bad news.   Or,  I got good news and bad news; which do you want first?  But today’s bad news requires adding one more possibility in the dictionary.  3. Politically incorrect. Read more…

Happy Bubba?

November 10th, 20161 comment

One of my RSS feeds is  I read maybe one out of 5 of their posts and maybe just scan that one.  It is the site run by the guy who picked all the state results a couple of elections ago.  Lucky he didn’t start with this one. Read more…

Well I’ll be Damned

November 9th, 20163 comments

Government of the people; by the people; for the people.  Last nights vote indicated that two out of  three is no longer good enough.  The Tea Party started the chant.  That chant became Gregorian last night. Read more…

Dream On

November 5th, 20163 comments

Not sure what Freud or Kinsey would say.  Dreams are supposed to show our inner thoughts.  Night before last, I had a poker dream.  Not a classic where I won the WSOP — too big a dream.  Instead it was more along the line of being chased in slow motion. Read more…

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You have been assimilated

October 16th, 20161 comment

Remember that one?  The Borg protagonist from Star Trek. I found them the most annoying, scary of Kirk and friends enemies.  I thought of that when I visited Bam-bam’s old blog. (2011 Cry Out Loud) It was about Veteran’s Day.  It was sad to visit a missing friend yet the post seemed current for a different reason. Read more…

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`Tis the Season

October 7th, 2016No comments

I’m talking about the political season.  I fear I’ve grown too old to understand it.  It makes no sense to me.  It seems any rabid supporter these days is a fool. Read more…

A Poker Post

October 2nd, 2016No comments

Seeing I haven’t really played since the Black Friday days,  this has to be a bit of a stretch.  What right do I then have to talk about poker?  Good question! Read more…

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It pays to increase your word power

September 28th, 20162 comments

Remember that in the Reader’s Digest?  It was a monthly feature where you looked at a word and there was a multiple choice answer.  I have always thought multiple choice questions had more to do with common sense than knowledge.  Read more…

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