Today is the day

August 5th, 20163 comments

Well, tonight really.  That’s when the Olympics kicks off.  Not quite what was expected.   Not a great ad campaign for Brazil. Read more…

Android Phone?

July 24th, 2016No comments

Using the Android phone?  Wish you could type on it like kids seem to do?  Yeah, me neither.  Old eyes strain to read something?  Wish it was more like your old clunker of a computer?  Fear not! Read more…

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Hillary’s Mens Rea

July 6th, 20161 comment

No, this isn’t about me be a peeping tom.  Mens Rea is lawyer-speak for State of Mind.  And, that is what got her out of the hot water.  Yes, she stored classified info on her personal mail server.  Yes, she was briefed on how classified info must be protected. But, nobody thinks here state of mind was such that she’s culpable.  At least that’s what the Attorney General’s office told us yesterday. Read more…

………….. for the Memories etc.

June 20th, 20162 comments

Occasionally, someone says thanks for blogging something or other — not often mind you.  But, this will warn you about the civil penalties associated with such kindness. Read more…

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Coffee, Wine and Cell Phones

June 16th, 20161 comment

Those are among the myriad of topics brought up on the evening news.  One day item X is good and the next bad.  It is the most annoying segment on what has become annoying local news in general.  Oh, throw in a rising with a bullet for the girl suggesting technology and obscure apps.  When I look for real news it is mostly on PBS foreign news reporting.   How in the hell can the French offer me more valid news than the homers. Read more…

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The Eugenic Minimum Wage

June 12th, 2016No comments

I enjoy reading  I read it because it offers info that makes me think and even challenge some of my long held beliefs.   An article today really brought that home.  The minimum wage is part of the current news cycle.  We see demonstrations by progressive groups shaming us because some people are not earning enough to get by. Read more…

Fiscal Solvency by State

June 9th, 20163 comments

Just how bad is it?  According to my local Chicago News, it dire.   Local news is just that.  What about the rest of the nation ? Read more…

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June 7th, 20161 comment

Well, I watched the Stud game.  Had a heck of a time following it.   Robert Mizrachi took the bracelet and a quarter mil.  Watched until 11PM and then finished it this morning.  The writing was on the wall when I quit and there was no comeback.  They were hyping their free play site.  PlayWSOP is what I’ll mention. Read more…

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May 29th, 20163 comments

The title is an interesting term.   My Uncle Mac understood it differently.  He was an interesting man — my great-uncle really and married to my grandmother’s sister.  Sweet ladies both.  Uncle Mac installed coal slips out west back in the days when it was still the wild west.  When I knew him he was managing a tool and die shop.  In between, he’d been a professional trap shooter for the Hercules powder company.  He said,  “Perfection is attained only by hard studies and constant practice.”  I guess that works for tool and die making, reading blue prints, and busting clay pigeons.  Read more…

Damned if you do; Damned if you don’t

May 16th, 20163 comments

One thing the three-month hiatus did was keep me from making a really bad prediction.  Back then, I would surely pontificate, “There is no way Trump could be nominated”. So that’s not part of the record, but it sure would have been. Read more…