Common Poker Mistakes

If you play poker often enough, you’ll soon learn that there are mistakes people make frequently that make you wonder what planet they were on while playing. I’m going to list the more glaring ones, and if you spot anything you do in this list – stop doing it at once, because all you’re doing is preventing yourself from playing better.

1) Monstering out all the time

Why are you playing so aggressively? It doesn’t matter whether you’re at a table in Vegas or at home – play a tactical game. You cannot play as a monster constantly, because it just turns you into an easily led player who’ll go all-in and then get slam-dunked into oblivion because while you were upping your bets and taunting people, they were waiting for a hand to take you out with.

2) Playing like it’s your last dime

On the other hand, playing like spending money is going out of fashion just makes you a waste of a seat at the table. Poker is meant to be a tense, exciting dance of tactics, and by bottling up and waiting for the perfect hand, you’re not really going to appeal to the other players, who’ll swiftly begin to try and get rid of you, even if it means risking some of their own chip-pile.

Not watching other players

Don’t play like you’re in a vacuum – watching other people is a key part of learning how to outwit them, and if you can’t pay enough attention, you may find that other players watching you will see your moves a mile off, while you’ll wonder where everyone else’s are coming from. Don’t allow your own ignorance to disorientate you. Being surprised and looking worried is the worst possible thing that could happen for you in a game of poker.

These three are some of the more obvious ones, but it’s important to watch your game and play smart. Don’t make the obvious mistakes, and cover up the ones you do make with a smile and some good bluffing. Good luck.