Conventional or Online Poker

Playing Poker online has really helped spawn millions of new Poker players who would otherwise not have ventured into a brick and mortar Poker room. Many top Pokerplayers venture into the online world and play both. There are some major differences between playing online Poker and playing in a traditional Pokerroom.


Online Poker is a much faster game. Players can’t sit around all day long thinking about a move. Typically, the online player has 20-30 seconds to make a move. In a brick and mortar Poker room, play is much slower as players can mill about thinking about a play. Some argue that the online Poker player is too mechanical and simply cranks out hands by the book. One thing is for sure; the hand speed of online Poker allows winning players to make more money per hour.


There is nothing that can duplicate the real world of Poker. Online Poker allows players to hide behind a screen. Many of these online Poker players would never cut it in the real world, because they would be a tell machine. There are few tells online in comparison and it’s possible to read too much into moves. For example, you might read something into a player acting slow when in fact it was just the network crawling along.

Many successful players will tell you that they like playing both online Poker and Poker at brick and mortar Poker rooms. They are two different games; each with their own set of challenges. Many new Poker “pros” got their start in the online world. Online Poker has fueled the explosive growth in Poker. That’s another plus for online Poker—new players are not intimidated to start.