How to Enter and Win Freeroll Poker Tournaments

For those who don’t know, a freeroll is just like any other poker tournament. It offers cash and prizes to the winner, but unlike a normal tournament there isn’t an entry fee. That means you can enter and play in freeroll tournaments for FREE!

Where Can I Sign-Up for Freeroll Tournaments?

Although the number of sites offering freeroll tournaments is always changing, sites like Full Tilt and Poker Stars frequently offer daily, weekly, and monthly freerolls to their members. All you have to do to enter one of these tournaments is to be signed up as a member of an online poker site that offers them. Freeroll registrations are usually done on a first come first served basis, but some sites may be limited to players from a particular region, players who’ve played a certain number of hands in a month, or anyone who’s simply met the criteria for registration such as liking a Facebook page.

Freeroll prizes can vary from actual cash, prizes, or free buy-in tournament entries ranging from prize values of a few dollars, to several hundreds dollars, and up to tens of thousands of dollars. Some freerolls in the past have even awarded winners $1 million in free cash!

Tips on Winning Freerolls

As you can imagine, a tournament that doesn’t cost the participants anything to enter draws lots of entries. Freerolls can easily attract several thousand players and that can make your chances of winning very difficult as you are faced with a horde of other competitors who have nothing to lose.

To separate yourself from the pack follow these tips:

Patience is an absolute must with freerolls. Play tight in the early rounds as you watch players around you go all in with mediocre pairs and straight draws. Some players will just ride their luck and go all in hoping to catch fire with their hand since the odds are so stacked against them in the first place.

Open up your range as the blinds and antes go up. Once the crowds thin out, be prepared to play more aggressive. Play smart by folding when not in position and stealing pots when you sense weakness. That means re-raising and isolating players and grabbing as many pots as you can.

With so many participants it’s inevitable that you will lose more often than you will ever win. Just accept that bad beats and bad luck will come, and more often than you think than in a regular tournament. Take in the experience and dust yourself off for the next freeroll. Remember that you haven’t lost anything other than time by playing so keep entering tournaments and hope for better luck at the next one.

While the dynamics of a freeroll tournament are a little different than a buy-in, stick to your guns and play well just as if you were in any other tournament. Use freerolls as a testing ground for actual tournaments and try to have as much fun as you can. As Monty Python said: “We come from nothing, we are going back to nothing. In the end what have we lost? Nothing!”